Core i5 lga 1156 vs. core i7 lga 1366

I am going to be building a gaming pc this holiday season, and I was wondering what the differences are between the core i5 and the old core i7 (the socket 1366). The i5 is a lot cheaper, but would I be losing a lot of performance switching to that?
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  1. read the i5 artilces on this site. The two processors are compared in great detail and benchmarked
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    Since you're worried about alot cheaper, I'm going out on a limb here an guessing you're not trying to get 2x GTX 295s in your rig. The CF or SLI difference is the only thing that really effects gaming.

    THG hasn't really done much with i5 vs i7 in gaming benchmarks, but this is a decent article with numbers:
  3. ^+1. Also, if you plan to or have need for an 6 core CPU then go LGA1366.
  4. Okay thanks guys. I think I'll go with either the i5 or i7 in the new socket as I don't plan on getting a six core CPU, and the extra $ for the RAM and mobo doesn't seem like it's worth it for me.
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