Chinese DIYer wants to make friend with u.

Hello, players and enthusiast .
I am a chinese guy has lived at the southchina for 25 years.I have known that there are many differences between china and foreign contry though the net
For example ,MSI p55 cd3 is at the price of 90 pound.It lower than in U.K.
So I want to see if there are any more differences between us or not .
If u want to know more about chinese DIY or u want to know more about the market of China .please contact us
I know that is such a stange title for netizens,but as a matter of fact ,I just want to comunicate with other contry people.
After that ,We will know the goble condition of DIY .
Let's discusse it right now
E-mail :removed

I don't know what's the most popular chating programme. ICQ or MSN?
Can someone tell me what 's the most popular chating programme?thx
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  1. I know somebody are under water.would u like to say something good or not good.I will fell very happy
  2. haha,still silent
  3. How many times are you going to make the same post?
  4. ICQ died in 1986!
  5. really?As I know ,is it born in 1986?
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