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I would like to have Sata 6G and USB 3 without buying a new motherboard. What are some of the lastest product that offer these? I've looked for the Asus U3S6 and the MSI- Star-USB3/SATA6 PCI-E expansion cards but all seem to be deactivated on the sites I usually use like newegg, tigerdirect, etc. What are some other name brands might I look for or that other have had good experiences with that offer both Sata 6G and USB 3 on one card?
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  1. Try google. I found the Asus on Ebay.
  2. Thanks DXRick, I saw it there too, but I figured that since that product was deactivated on Newegg and Tigerdirect that it was older technology and was hoping that there was newer products on the market by now. Plus every seller on ebay marks their products up to make a profit because of the Ebay and paypal fees they have to pay. Sometimes all you want to do is walk in a store get what you want and go home.
  3. I was surprised that there are no such cards on NewEgg. Maybe the demand for such a card is too low for Asus and MSI to keep making them, and what you see on Ebay is old stock? If you get one, just be sure there are drivers for the OS you will use.
  4. I was surprised myself. There are thousands of LGA1366 platforms with sata 3g and usb 2.0 that could benefit from this affordable upgrade. I guess when it came out there just wasn't that many uses for it. A good idea ahead of it's time.
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    As far as I know, there are not any combination cards available anymore. I used the Asus U3S6 for a while, but its EOL now. Your best bet is probably just to go with two separate cards. Syba makes both SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 cards that are decent: SY-PEX40032 and SD-PEX20047 . The SATA card is a bit pricey, and I doubt it has as good of performance as an integrated controller, but unless you want to spend big bucks, it's probably one of the best cost/performance option available right now.
  6. Thanks Matt, It's a shame there aren't more products like these on the market. I found the Asus card on Amazon for a decent price new.
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