Do graphics cards make streaming video higher quality?

I have a gtx 295, and i always hear about people wanting good gfx cards for HTPCs since they supposedly make video look better. Im about to watch a movie via netflix instant streaming and i want to know if i can increase the quality using my card.
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  1. bump- i need an answer quick, any help would be appreciated
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    There are some programs that support GPU accelerated upscaling, however the graphics card itself will not do that without the program calling for it.
  3. Generally speaking, mainstream video card should be all that you need for getting the best video / movie quality. In the recent past the high-end video cards lacked multimedia subroutines to improve video quality which the mainstream cards did have basically because high-end video cards were more for gaming than anything else. Now all high-end video cards (to the best of my knowledge) have all multimedia subroutines enabled.

    Low-end cards are a different story. They will lack some multimedia capabilities to save on cost or power or both. did a test on "HTPC cards" to determine which ones offered the best video quality. The cards varied from mainstream video cards like the HD 4650/4670 and Geforce 9600GT down to the low-end HD 2400/3400 and GeForce 8500. The best results were from the HD 46xxx and Geforce 9600GT which tied for first place.

    See review:
  4. internet controls most of the video stream. if you are able to stream real high def then yes.
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