My FSB:DRAM ratio = 1 Is that good???

My CPU is a Q8400 quad core MB intel DG41RQ.
I have two memory module 2GB 800Mhz and 1GB 667Mhz I have both in placed and and both running at 667Mhz dual channel mode. My FSB:DRAM ratio = 1. Can I get a better result If I pull out 1GB 667Mhz RAM and allow 2GB RAM to run at 800Mhz single channel mode. Since my FSB:DRAM ratio = 1 is it beneficial ?
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  1. lets just say that higher than 1:1 ratio doesn't really improve anything, but dual channel makes a difference.
    Though I didn't know you could run 2 and 1gig modules in dualchannel since the size doesn't match...
  2. I think you are making some confusion. Dual is one thing and FSB/RAM ratio is another thing. It's good that your ram is syncron with CPU (FSB) but that means your ram is running at 667 mhz.
    If you change the ratio just for the ram to run at 800 mhz, the system will properly run poorly. I recommend to keep it as it is (FSB/ram 1:1).
    If you want to run dual channel, you should buy one more 1 gb.
  3. I am not a proponent of overclocking RAM in Core2 systems. It adds little real world performance and can contribute to instability. That's discussed here:
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