GTX 280 no boot, no post, no video

I have a gtx 280 on an eVGA 790i that's worked just fine for a year or so.

A couple of days ago, whenever I played a game the screen would become a scramble of seemingly random colors after a few minutes of playing. Eventually, the computer just wouldn't reboot.

I let it sit overnight, and the next day it booted up, but the scramble problem was still there. This morning I removed and reseated the video card, checked all the power connections, etc and the problem actually went away for a few hours.

After those few hours, the screen went black and now the computer won't boot. I turn it on, all the fans run normally and what not. After about 5 seconds the GPU fan starts spinning at full speed and just keeps going. No beeps, no nothing.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. seems that the card died
    that sucks...
    it may be overheating...
    or maybe your PSU is no longer working
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