Confused about multiple 12v rails on psu

i'm getting an Asus M4A79XTD EVO am3 790x mobo, if i get a psu with multiple 12v rails, is there going to be any compatibility issues, or is it going to be much more difficult to install? and will i still have the same power in amps compared to an equal single 12v rail? for gfx cards and such. could someone explain to me how you connect the multiple rails to a motherboard, would it actually be 4 different cords with a 4 12v rail psu, and you would connect 4 different 12v rails to 4 different spots on the mobo? Im lost lol :(
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  1. You've got things mixed up. Here is a link to an article which should help clear things up:,1697,1771356,00.asp

    I have better articles in my references folder. Unfortunately I am not at home right now.
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