Blue Screen of Death - Memory Error + Freezing Win XP

Windows Xp sp3 Home Eddition 2002 is crashing in Internet Exlorer 8. Have not downloaded any new programs ect. ect. I have more then enough RAM meemory. Had extra RAM put in at time of purchase. This problem started after a windows update from Microsoft. Error Message reads this and is missing some code due to lines doewn the screen I will put A "/" where the lines are in the error code.... Ap/.oB/on has been detecteed and needs to shut down to prevent dammage...WL.NUH sy Page_Fault_No_Page_Area if this is trhe forst time you have you have seen this screen check hard/ wp/ Soft Check software maufacturer for any windows uodates you might need.../ Disable any new hardwareinstalled/Bi/ memory Restart press F10 to selct advanced start opptions, then select safe mode.. Tech info 0Xooo/65(A6B/c32/ 0X0/00/01,/XB3/B7F/0,0000/000/ , WL./NUH/ .sy/ address/ ss/35B / F10/bas/at/B35/000/, D / tes / amp /de8 .. begin dumping of phyical memory dump complete contact system adminstrator or technical support group for further assistance .... That is the end of error screen message. I have gone to Microsoft and asked what was going on .They have no information on this error screen. I used Microsoft FIX IT to scan my tottal system. Which found bad page and file errors and automaticly fixed them. The FIX IT download said it was a bad windows update that was installed and it was removed by the FixIT program scanner. What does this error message mean and why does it happen in IE8 online? Thanks for your time in this matter.
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    Usually a RAM problem, though its possible a bad driver could also cause this. I'd check out your RAM with Memtest86/Prime95 before doing anything else.
  2. I fixed this problem by logging in in the safe mode and resetting to an earlier date . This seams to have fixed the problem....sofar... Hope it doesn't attack again. Thanks for your help.
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