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Hey guy's I am looking into my first real complete build in April timeframe when the Ivry Bridge CPU's come out and I am contemplating watercooling as I notice the TDP's are going to be a lot lower on the Ivry Bridge CPU's occording to rumors leaving possibly a large margin for overclocking and I also want to overclock the GPU I will be purchasing.

The parts I plan to get are as follows:
Motherboard is undecided yet, as I think I will wait till the CPU's come out to see the new motherboard series.
G-Skill 2x4G Sniper Series 2133
Some 750W or 800W power supply
GTX 570
HAF 932

I just have a few questions regarding what you guys think or would do in this situation.

1. I want to watercool the CPU and GPU, should I watercool the RAM as well?
2. Since I want to watercool the GPU which 570 should I get? I know there are certain PCB's that are different sizes such as the EVGA HD version.
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  1. No need to watercool ram these days and the restriction to flow would be a killer,
    Can't tell you which 570 to choose, but another thread on here we found blocks for non-reference pcb's so dont let that restrict you
  2. You have 2 routes with the GPU - full cover blocks or universal blocks.

    Full cover blocks generally work only with reference design GPUs (occasionally some non-reference, but the blocks were custom made for that specific non reference model). They are definitely more expensive brand new than universals ($~100 vs $50-60), but they look nicer, are easier to cool the VRAM and VRMs, and cool a bit better.

    Universal blocks only cover the GPU, so as long as you get the appropriate mounting bracket for your series of GPU ($5-10), you can use it on any card, reference or not. They dont cool *as well* but the temp difference is negligible in a good loop. You need to get heatsinks for the VRAM and VRMs but theyre simple to attach and supposedly to remove. Universals are especially great if you like to upgrade your GPUs a lot (like me), since you just need a new bracket at the worst as opposed to a new $100 block.

    I recently switched from 2x 6950s with EK full cover blocks to a GTX 560Ti with a Swiftech MCW82 universal block and my temps are essentially the same as when I had 1x 6950 (told you I upgrade a lot). Theyre actually a little bit lower but I think that has to do with the 560 being cooler and the 6950 block cools the VRAM and VRMs which can get pretty hot sometimes.
  3. I've been perfectly happy with SLI MCW60's over the last 5 or so cards I've owned:

    6800 GT
    7800 GTX
    8800 GTS 640mb
    9800 GTX
    GTX 260

    Prior to this, I had a DangerDen Maze4 block on my old Radeon 8500.
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