Xtreme Gaming PC For Sale

Xtreme Gaming PC For Sale
Here's the link feel free to check it out:

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  1. Is advertisment allowed here? I think not...
  2. i'll give you £1000 for it :D
  3. Sorry if avertising is not allowed i saw a pc for sale on here a few months back so i thought id put mine on,
    and im sorry obsidian86 i cant take less then £1700 my gaming career depends on it lol
  4. for £1500 i could get an i7 system which will kick the crap out of it
  5. LOL, total rip odd, should be more like $600. No one wants a used slow computer for more then a new faster one would cost. Sure you probably know what the new one you want is so you are trying to sell it to some sucker and not have any out of pocket for the new.

    What good is it to sell it wil all the games installed, eventually a reformat will be required and the games will be lost forever. So you better get out of your head that it should cost what ever the pc cost plus all the games, unless you sellling the game discs as well.

    Oh, and its not an extreme gamer by todays standards.
  6. you will be lucky to sell it for 1000 EUR (im assuming it is used)

    though why are you selling it, you won't get a whole ton better with a single card than that, keep it another year or 2 and get your money's worth out of it
  7. or just sell all components induvidually
  8. LOL! Not worth GBP 1800. 800 Max GBP.
  9. Yeah...good luck with that. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone who knows very little about PCs who will buy it.
  10. Man, you guys really bashed him, I laughed. :P
  12. Still no bids. I'm kinda surprised, I figured someone who didn't know what they were doing would have jumped on that by now.
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