Is Asus p7p55D Deluxe a good board?

The Asus P7P55D deluxe is on sale here in Canada for $148 + $30 rebate (118 after rebate)
I understand that this board has no eSATA port? Is that not a disadvantage or is this price worth it? Thanks
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  1. It's a good board and that's a really good price, it's $200 and a $30 rebate here in the US.
    There's a PCI slot expansion port with 2x USB and 1x eSATA port included.
    Are you sure it's the Deluxe that's on sale ?
  2. <------
    <------ YES!!!!!!
  3. It doesnt have USB3.0
  4. Yes, It´s a good mobo. It looks good, it's well designed, it performs as expected, overclocks exceedingly well and it's very, very stable.
    Here you have a mobo comparison:,2436-4.html
  5. I have the P7P55D Pro version. :D
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