Gtx 275 showing bus at x8 on system information on nvidia drivers

i recently purchased a msi gtx 275 twin frozer card.i am using nvidia forceware version 191.07,
the problem is that ,at system information it shows the bus at x8 while the board support x16 interface on gen2.
the cpu-z show the same.what could be the problem

system specs
msi eclipse mainboard
intel i7920
6gb ram
850watts power supply

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  1. Sounds like a BIOS problem. Check your BIOS settings for adjusting the lanes for the PCI-E bus.
  2. Is the card seated correcly?

    On another note I've seen people turn a 16x slot into an 8x or 4x slot scotch taping the pins on the card itself. I know of course this isn't what's happening to you, but i figure if there is something in the slot itself obstructing the connection, might be the case. Just a thought.
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