Asus P4PE-X replacement

I built this PC in 1992 with Asus P4PE-X MB and it runs great! Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 hooks to secure the Northbridge Controller heatsink popped out. I've Mickey Moused it to run (still good), but can't find a replacement MB - Any suggestions that I can just plug in my existing components?
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  1. The heat sink is fine - I've 'jury-rigged' it to work - it's 2 of the 4 anchors coming out of the MB that 'popped out', so one of the 2 wire 'springs' that holds the heat sink in place has nothing to hook to on the MB.
  2. I didn't think this would work, until I checked the specs (small print stuff). They have other means of attaching to MB (my prob w/ snapped off anchors), so just ordered it - should work. Just wanted to say Thank You...
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