GeForce 9800 GT overheating?

Hello, I would appreciate your feedback about the following issue with my GeForce 9800 GT which I think that is majorly overheating.

I've read in some posts here and in other forums, people reporting idle temperatures of the GeForce 9800 GT between 65-75C and the replies of the more experienced people are that those idling temperatures are not ideal but still they aren't too hot for this type of GPU.

However, those temperatures are observed with fan speeds of 25-30% which I read that is the default factory setting of the 9800GT. In my system, the idle GPU temperature is 78-79C with the fan speed at 78-80%!

Is this normal or the card is majorly overheating? I suppose it is the latter but I would appreciate your answers.

Computer Specs
Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
Zotac NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, 512 MB RAM (not overclocked)
Resolution: 1680 x 1050
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  1. Also post the load temps for your card.
    (HWmonitor will note the max while you play a game.)

    Well I think the card is above normal temps...
    The reason might be 1.Inadequate airflow OR 2.Dust.

    First try to see if there is enough airflow under the card.
    Attach a case fan on the side panel of your case near the card.
    (That helped me cool my card upto 10C!)

    If that doesn't works then I suggest you to take a brush and clean the heatsink thoroughly.
  2. Thanks for the reply and the tips. I didn't post the load temps because I don't play any demanding 3D game. And I don't want to stretch the card with a Graphics Benchmarking application at the moment, since the idle temps are so high.

    However, I tried two online games (WoW and Second Life) which I suppose are not very 3D demanding and the temperatures went up to 94-97C (with the fan speed at 100%).

    Regarding your tips, there's no dust in the case or the fans. And regarding the airflow and attaching additional fans, I don't want to do this right now since the system is still under guarantee (it's a "branded" Fujitsu-Siemens desktop). I just wanted to know members' experiences with the temps of the 9800GT before contacting the customer service of Fujitsu.
  3. Those temperatures are not normal, certainly not at idle with the fan working so hard.
    For a new system I'd expect to see 60-70c at idle but with no more than 30% fan speed.
    Try using Furmark, it will show the card temperature during the stress test and you can just ESC to stop it if things get a little too hot for comfort.
    I suspect a call to custome support is going to be needed though.
  4. Evan78 said:
    I just wanted to know members' experiences with the temps of the 9800GT before contacting the customer service of Fujitsu.

    Well I also have a Zotac 9800GT And my card is running at 48c Idle (35% Fan speed))
    With heavy games it goes upto somewhere around 80-85c.
  5. @coozie7: I'm not sure what more info Furmark would provide for the load temperatures of the card, when with the less 3D demanding games (WoW and Second Life), the temperatures go up to 94-97C with only few minutes of playing.

    I just made a further test with the side case lid completely removed. The load temperature (playing Second Life for 10 mins) was 95C with 100% fan speed, which probably indicates that the ventilation inside the closed case is not the cause of the problem.

    Thanks for the info and the pics. You certainly have almost ideal temperatures vs. fan speeds. However, is your card underclocked? The "original" Nvidia 9800 GT comes with GPU: 600 MHz, Shader: 1500 MHz, Memory: 900 MHz (with effective clock @1800 MHz). Those are the values for my Zotac as well. Yours are 550, 1375 and 900 MHz respectively. Perhaps, you've got the Zotac Eco version of the same card?
  6. Ya I have the Eco version but my friend has XFX version.And his cards temps are also in Lower 50's at idle.
  7. Thanks for the additional info. Then I suppose that my card is majorly overheating. I'll give a call to the customer service to see what they will advice.
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