Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus II fit in Antec 300 case?

I need better cooling for my new VisionTek 6970. The Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus II looks deadly, but I need to know if this will fit in my Antec 300 case.
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  1. It would fit without a problem.

    Is there any reason you were worried about it fitting?
  2. It didn't fit. The great planning on behalf of Antec left me with about a half inch of needed space. Oh well, now I have a useless $80 cooler collecting dust. The cooler looks totally badass at least.
  3. Can you take a pic?

    What is in the way of it fitting? It should be able to go into the drive bay a little bit. Are you using all your hard drive slots?
  4. I just gave up and gave it to my local computer shop to see if he could flog it to one of his friends. I've just cranked up my fan profile.
  5. Sorry to hear that.

    You couldn't return it?
  6. Nope. refused to take it back. I begged and pleaded and they kept quoting their return policy on it like a robot. I have since stopped ordering through them because that is terrible customer service.
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