Good memory for my build.

I'm picking parts currently for my first build, and I think I've settled on this motherboard:
my motherboard

I was just wondering what a good choice would be for a 6gb triple channel kit would be.
currently I'm looking at these:
corsair dominator
corsair XMS3

This is my first build, and I (think) I plan to overclock, so I guess overclockablity is a factor, but try to keep the prices near or under $200.

This computer would be used mainly for gaming, but I also tend to run many applications at once.
(don't know if that matters, but I thought I'd throw it in there.)

Thanks for your time!

Edit: Forgot to say my processor, I'll be using a I7-920, which I will definitely be overclocking.
Pretty sure that matters :P
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  1. I would go for the G-Skill one because of having the lowest timings/voltage between them.
    But many prefer higher speeds,so if you prefer 1600Mhz then i would chose the second one(its has lower timings than the first one)
  2. Yea, so what exactly is the deal between timings and speed? I know that timings are response times, but what does that mean exactly for the speed of a given program? I suppose I'm asking, where does a better speed (MHz) give you a benefit, and where do you see a benefit from better timings?
  3. In terms of raw performance,the most important thing is the RAM's capacity;timings and Mhz barely have an effect on performance,they are important for overclocking
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