Question: i cant acces my wd external hdd .


I have a WD external 1TB HDD it consist a HDD, a data cable, a adapter.

i can't access my external hard drive. When i connect my WD HDD To my compter or any other else computer, then it will detect my HDD but the drive of external HDD is not shown in the My Comupter . But When i click on safely remove usb then it is easily removed. Plz Do Some Helpful because it contains of 500 GB Most important data of mine and some project related to my organisation.......

please anyone help me... How can I resolve this issue?
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  1. Well... we need to determine if it's a Harddrive problem ... cable problem... power supply problem or enclosure problem... you can remove the harddrive from case and connect into your motherboard... and you can try another similar cable... and you can find new power supply... these are the simple things to try... a new enclosure is not... but the results of the other tests will determine if the enclosure/interface/connection is bad... Maybe the harddrive came loose inside the enclosure or needs cleaned and re-connected?
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