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RAM and overclocking

Hey all,
I have been thinking lately: I have a 2600k overclocked to 5.2 well 5.16, lol. I used to blck or what ever its called to get my ram up to 1660. I know that 1600 RAM is fine for a stock machine. But my question is, is my RAM holding me back? If i were to buy say 2133 Corsair would i see a performance increase? Even if its something small like 5% i would probable do it. Thanks guys really appreciate and insight you can shed on this.
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  1. Cut off some of my gear here is the full list

    2600k Oc'ed to 5.2
    Asus Max 4 Extreme p67
    16 gigs @1600
    G. Skill
    2 Vertex 3 RAID 0
    1200 watt corsair PSU
    Mountain mods extended assention
    3x 6970 Crossfire
    3 X Hitachi 3 gig hdds
  2. PPS

    I run an eyefinity set up at 5760x1080. I use it to run Matlab other engineering aps and hardcore gaming. If that makes any difference.
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    If I am not mistaken, that cpu has an integrated memory controller with a stock frequency of 1066MHz. Running at 1600MHz may be stock for the RAM but is a good overclock of the memory controller. I had the same thought process as you and spent 200 bucks on a patriot viper extreme ddr3 2000MHz memory kit only to find that anything higher than 1900MHz was unstable in my rig. After complaining to Patriot, they told me that the speed of the RAM is dependant on the capability to overclock the memory controller. They also said they had numerous customers who reported not being able to go any higher than 1800MHz. They said I could RMA the RAM but would still have the same problem and suggested getting a new cpu. Anyway, do some research and see what kind of numbers others who have the same cpu are able to hit before you purchase new RAM.
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