Best sound card for Dell Power Edge 1600SC

Can I instal a sound card for a Dell Power Edge 1600SC server
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  1. Hi,

    Dell does not officially support sound cards in PowerEdge Servers. However,

    PCI slots in the 1600SC are as follows:

    two 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots, suitable for pcHDTV HD-3000 ATSC capture card and nVidia 5200 video card (for example).

    two 64-bit 66MHz PCI slots, suitable for SCSI cards like the Adaptec 39160 or the Adaptec 3950 which work reliably.

    two 64-bit 100MHz PCI-X slots (which support 3.3V or universal cards), suitable for a Creative Labs Audigy2 sound card, for example.

    Just make sure you use a 3.3V Sound Card.
  2. Thank you for your sugestions. In your opinion, where do you think I can find the best selection and prices?

  3. eBay would probably have the best selection and price. otherwise, try
  4. Thank you
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