Can't connect Mac to WEP enabled network?


Just moved in with a different roommate and we're setting up a wireless network. I run a Windows Vista enabled desktop and she runs a macbook. Tonight I set up our internet and hooked up a Microsoft MN 500 Wireless Base station. Using the provided instructions I set up WEP encryption, and my desktop is effortlessly accessing the internet. However, on her laptop I am unable to do this. Airport either says the connection times out or that the password I am putting in is incorrect.

Shes running mac OS 10.5.8, for what thats worth. As I'm largely unfamiliar with macs, any input on getting her macbook to connect to the network would be very helpful.
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  1. Try using 128bit WEP.

    If using WEP, always copy and paste the HEX version of the passphrase between the router and adapter rather than use the alphanumeric version.

    Ultimately you may not be able to connect using security -- I have wasted days trying to sort out a friend who has two Macs and a D-Link router. Only the newer computer would connect wirelessly with security switched on, and we ended up with the other connected by ethernet cable.
  2. Try WPA instead of WEP.
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