HD Tune Pro write benchmark problem

I was attempting to benchmark my hard drive using HD Tune Pro, when I encountered an error. I ran the "read" benchmark with no problems, but when I attempted to run the "write" benchmark, I encountered the following error:

"Writing is disabled.
To enable writing please remove all partitions.
Please check the manual for more information."

The only other partition I have is the 100MB "system reserved" (Windows 7), and it is not assigned a drive letter. Did they really make it so you have to delete even recovery partitions in order to run a write benchmark test?

If this is the case, should I delete the system reserved partition? I've never used it before, and honestly I don't really know how that partition works/is useful.

If it makes a difference, the hard drive in question is a Hitachi 2TB, 7200RPM, SATA III (6Gb/s), 64MB Cache. (Deskstar 7K3000)
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    To perform the write test, you need to add another hard disk (the model that you wish to benchmark). Fortunately HD Tune Pro won't let you destroy your boot drive.
  2. Performing a benchmark write test corrupts the OS? It didn't occur to me but I suppose that makes sense. I guess I thought it could just perform the test on some free section of the drive. Well, thanks for clearing that up.
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