Phenom ii x4 = i5 2500k at what speed?

I'm wondering at what point does an overclocked phenom ii x4 match the performance of an i5 2500k at stock speeds?

Right now, i have my phenom ii 955 clocked at 3.8 ghz.
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  1. u can compare by itself use benchmark software or use SiSoft Sandra Lite
  2. According to Various benchmarks, your looking at a 40 - 50% performance difference clock for clock on single core operations.

    As a Result your Phenom II X4 would have to be 4.8 - 5ghz to be equal to the Sandy bridge CPU @ Stock - these are synthetic benches and calculations though.
    An Educated estimate based on various benchmarks.
  3. This isn't a direct comparative, it depends on software used.
  4. You can try and match it to an i5-2400
    i5-2400 (3.1) vs 980 (3.7)


    You still lose because Sandy Bridge's architecture is still too good! I also have 955, we also lose to the i3-2100... Dual core. :) Intel is too good. Hence why i3-2100 is on Tomshardware's best gaming cpu list. It's really close to the i3-2100 but the i3 is SO much more efficient than an OC'd Phenom II beacuse it uses SO much less power.

    i3 vs 980 (3.7ghz)
  5. You won't get there bro. PIIs just can't do it.
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