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I am running Vista with a NVIDIA GeForce 880GT card. I am running my primary Samsung monitor with a DVI connection. I am trying to hook up a second monitor using a DVI to VGA adapter. System is recognizing the secondary monitor and says it is functioning properly, but I get NO SIGNAL. I tried plugging my primary monitor into the secondary socket and it works fine. I have setup the secondary monitor in NVIDIA and it, also, recognizes it. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you told the nvidia software to enable the second screen?.
  2. check display settings, and make sure windows has it set up
  3. Quote:
    Have you told the nvidia software to enable the second screen?.

    Yes. My NVIDIA Control Panel recognizes the primary by name and #1 and the secondary as #2 by name of ProView PL713b.
    In Windows Control Panel/Display Settings it recognizes the primary by name and #1, but the secondary it recognizes by Generic PnP but does have it as #2. I don't think that would make a difference but, if it does, I have no idea of how to change.
  4. have tried checking the second screen works as a primary?.
  5. Have tried as primary but does not work.
    I have found some other sites that talk about the same problem they are experiencing and, in particular, with the NVIDIA graphics card. Seems that the problem is in the drivers. I believe that is where my problem lies.
  6. it could be the adapter...
    i recently bought one from Best Buy and the thing didn't function @ all...
    returned it for a diff. one and it worked perfectly...
    luck of the draw i guess
  7. This is exactly the same problem I'm having with my Radeon 5770.

    Any resolution?
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