PSU Incompatibility?

Here is my issue, this has been really bothering me for a while so Im hoping to get some
good answers.

I have tried a few Enermax PSU's and havent had much luck. Lately my problem is that the power guard trips everytime I try to start my system.

This machine ran good for a few days and then it shut of and wouldnt turn on.,

The code reports that there is a short somewhere in the system.

I spent 2 days trying to find this short with no luck. After I put my Antec 650+ it
boots up without a hitch and doesnt give me any problems.

So it seems like it's the PSU right? But no, if I use this PSu with others systems.
It's fine.

So have you guys heard of incompatible PSU's with certain boards (asus m3a32)

I have also experienced this with another Enermax PSU.

I am kind of not sure which route to go. I need a PSU that wont trip the AFCI circuit (which 1 out of the 2 enermax psu's didnt), also with high wattage (1200+).

So what is your experience on these kind of situations.
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  1. dmblue said:

    So have you guys heard of incompatible PSU's with certain boards (asus m3a32)

    Some years back Antec and Asus had problems playing nice together.
    Corsairs had a problem with Dell boards several months back.
    I read that EVGA X58 boards have had issues with Enermax.
    So yeah, I've heard of psu/MB incompatibilities, nothing about your board though.
  2. try taking the mobo out of the case.

    connect and see if it boots up.

    PSu incompatibility is from newer mobo with old psu.
    psu are backwards compatible.

    ive not heard of psu incompatibility, and it could be short circuit or psu problem.

    i have the same problem right now.
    my computer suddenly turns off and sometimes it will turn on properly.
    it didnt say shortcircuit but i encountered the message "overvoltage because of overclocking" when in fact i have not. sometimes the motherboard Led lights indicate overvoltage and sometimes not at all.

    so im guessing it's either overvoltage or undervoltage, i RMA'ed the psu right away after the computer shop saw the problem.

    i eliminated "short circuit" because my computer boots up fine with a different psu.

    problem with PSU?
  3. The computer boots up fine with another PSU so I am sure all of my hardware is good.

    When they mean short circuit? Other than the usual, what else things can be shorting out the board?

    If there was a short circuit occuring why isnt this affecting my current power supply? I have been running this machine for 3 days now with no issues on my Antec neo 650+ PSU.

    Shouldnt the short affect that as well? A short is a short...?
  4. bebangs said:

    ive not heard of psu incompatibility

    Dug up just for you, read the yellow box at the bottom
  5. Nice to see that they arranged a replacment for this. I wish PSU manufacturers would have more information this
  6. Delluser1 - Thanks for posting the link. Interesting reading.
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