8800gt SLI power requirements

I really need help. I have http://www.tacens.com/valeo560.htm and i was wondering: Will it handle 8800gt in SLI?
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  1. It might, but I wouldn't trust it to.
  2. Damn...
  3. Just get a OCZ500 watter, should handle that SLI no problem, unless you are OC the Processor and other components, you might need to go for more.
  4. I am not familiar with that power supply. According to the specifications it should be adequate for a system with two Nvidia 8800GT video cards in SLI mode.

    Here is a link to a chart which includes power consumption for two 8800GT video cards in SLI mode:


    For the test which was done two years ago they used an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 system. Please read the entire review.
  5. So i believe it could be enough. What is your opinion? I have an overclocked E6750 to 3,4Ghz
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