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I need help, my school teacher's computer is broken and it shows IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL after it says "Preparing network connections" PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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  1. Please remove your personal email address from your post; this is a public forum and you never know who may be lurking here.

    Check the BIOS settings make sure they are set for a Plug-in-Play operating system and not an OS2 operating system. Also, for devices - set their IRQ to automatic. Save and Exit the BIOS. That should stop further conflicts.
  2. Run a memory test with memtest86/Prime95 and make sure you don't have any RAM failures.

    Could also be a network driver thats causing the problem, but these days, drivers are stable enough where I would expect them to NOT overwrite memory...especially if the driver hasn't been touched in some time.
  3. I'm going to add my question on the same problem to this thread. HP Laptop was working fine for a long time. Nothing changed except now it is getting the BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message. Now comes the weird part. At the computer store or at another house it starts up just fine but take it back to the house where it is primarily used it gets the error message again. Thinking it has to be a network problem, can start it up in safe mode without networking. Any thoughts?
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