Company of heroes crashes to bsod with a GPU oc

i have a 4850 foc @ 650/1000, e4500 stock speed, 3 gb ddr2 ram @ 667mhz.
whenever I oc my gpu i get a crash to bsod in the game at the startup loading screen. the oc seems stable when playing crysis, operation flashpoit(dragon something) nfs shift demo, and tf2 BUT whenever i start this game, a bsod jumps up saying "attemting to reset display drivers failed" or something like that. and then dumping physical memory.

the oc gets me an extra 10 frames which makes the game way more playable.

thanks! :)
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  1. maybe overheating.....have you check the temp?
  2. what power supply have you got
  3. it crashes BEFORE the game even loads the main menu. the oc is VERY stable in crysis and all the other games.
  4. ummmmm overclocking rule #1: no guarentee

    Things may just work aok for some apps but as different apps use different segments or stress different segments of the system etc you will see instabilities etc - normal

    on the other hand run tests for all your hardware - memtest, atitool, prime, linpack etc to make sure your rig is also 100%

    please note you may also get gains in performance if you overclock that cpu of yours to ~3ghz as it will bottlekneck things a bit
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