No sound while connecting through HDMI with sapphire radeon 2890

Hello everybody,
I have connected my pc to my 40 inches lcd tv through HDMI but i do not have any sound.I have tried all th4e settings but nothing..My card supports sound as it says on its manual.Please if somebody has any idea let me know the solution step-by-step because it has been over 15 days withount sound!
Thank you in advance
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  1. Check in your manual for the video card. Does it say that, to get sound output on the HDMI connector at the back, you need to connect a small cable from your mobo's sound port to the video card? Some video cards do not handle the sound directly themselves - they merely allow you to feed the existing sound signal through them to the HDMI connector.

    If that is not the case, does your video card say it also acts as your sound card? If it does, do you have to install a sound driver for it? And then , do you have to set Windows' Sound controls to use that sound card source, rather than another one?
  2. You could try going into Bious and switching the sound card on as some cards switch sound of when you install them. This is what happened to me on an nvidia card.
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