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Memory help needed!!

Hey all,
I have been thinking lately: I have a 2600k overclocked to 5.2 well 5.16, lol. I used to bclk to get my ram up to 1660. I know that 1600 RAM is fine for a stock machine. But my question is, is my RAM holding me back? If i were to buy say 2133 Corsair would i see a performance increase? Even if its something small like 5% i would probable do it. Thanks guys really appreciate and insight you can shed on this. BTW I'm running eyefinity at 5400x1080 and a max 4 extreme p67. It that makes any difference.

Anyone have a 2700k? I can trade my 2600 plus 70 bucks for one. You guys think its worth it? Will I be able to overclock it harder?
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  1. Why the hell do you want it faster than 5.2ghz - its insane already

    There is a 0% performance increase in games after 4.5ghz.

    The 5ghz barrier is for Epeenz, and anything after that is nearly impossible to acheive anyway.

    The performance from RAM on Sandy-bridge is neglegible - from 1600 to 2133 you will see maybe 2fps.

    Oh and gratz on winning the CPU lottery - that 2600k is mental O.o
  2. Great thanks dude. That answered my question about the 2700k. If there is no benefit it would be pointless. Thanks a lot for the advice. The RAM I think I'm gonna go for. Lol why not right even a small increase in performance would be cool.
    Ya maybe I got a nice 2600k. I chalk it up to the nactua d-14 being a beast of a cooler. Keeps that bad boy nice and cool. I'm running 1.500 volts. And it ran prime all nice with no problems so it seems stable enough. I'm not to sure how that stacks up with everyone else.
  3. 1.5v with a Noctua on a 2500k? - Im worried for the saftey of your chip, sure the I5s can handle 1.5v 24/7 is risky

    I was expecting expensive watercooling or a top notch chip with 5ghz @ 1.45

    What temps are you hitting on Prime and IBT? (if your over 75C after 4 hours of Prime95 you need to drop it back to 1.45 or 1.4v and settle with a stable OC there)
  4. Ya still air :( for now I just order all my blocks should be here soon. Ya she stays right around 76 no matter how long I run prime. I know I can do 50x multipier at far less voltage. I really had to ramp it up for that last little bit. Maybe ill dial it back for longevity's sake. I figured as long as I stay under 80 degrees It would be ok
  5. I wouldnt like em at above 70C tbh, but I'd let em run at 75 if it meant the difference between a 4.9ghz and a 5ghz OC.

    What watercooling bits you getting?
  6. Hummm ya maybe I should dial iy back a little maybe I will come down to 51. My blocks are all ek blocks. I shopped around a lot and they seemed to have really good ratings. The 6970 blocks killed me I had to get 3 of em @ 111 a piece. The CPU block was only 85 so I didn't think that was so bad. I'm kid of new at the water cooling any suggestions?
  7. I also posted this in your other thread.....

    If I am not mistaken, that cpu has an integrated memory controller with a stock frequency of 1066MHz. Running at 1600MHz may be stock for the RAM but is a good overclock of the memory controller. I had the same thought process as you and spent 200 bucks on a patriot viper extreme ddr3 2000MHz memory kit only to find that anything higher than 1900MHz was unstable in my rig. After complaining to Patriot, they told me that the speed of the RAM is dependant on the capability to overclock the memory controller. They also said they had numerous customers who reported not being able to go any higher than 1800MHz. They said I could RMA the RAM but would still have the same problem and suggested getting a new cpu. Anyway, do some research and see what kind of numbers others who have the same cpu are able to hit before you purchase new RAM.
  8. Also, going from 1600MHz to 1866MHz added less than 100 3dmark11 points to a score of p7400 for a grand total of .01% increase in performance in gaming. That was with my old setup sli gtx 460's.
  9. Great thanks for the insight. Ya I though I deleted that other thread. Hummm so it really looking like replacing this RAM would be a fruitless endeavor. Its funny u mention 1800 cause using the bclk to overclocked it that is the maximum I can get to amd still boot. So that makes a lot of sense now. I wonder how some one would go about overlooking this build in memory controller.
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    Not sure about the 2600k but the i7 9xx series has a max allowable qpi/dram voltage of 1.355V according to intel. This is the memory controller voltage. With the XMP profile loaded, patriot specs the qpi/dram voltage needed to operate at 2000Mhz is 1.6V. At this voltage level the BIOS flashes red indicating you are f%$king nuts if you continue. You may be able to get more out of your setup and you will probably need to increase the memory controller voltage to get your ram running stable at faster speeds.
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