Run against Core i3- AMD 5000+ at 36 pounds

As we know ,the old way of making our PC valuable is overclocking.But today ,AMD is going to brake this rule .
It's said that several models of phnom II are able to unlock,and make it four cores.
To compare with default condition and after unlock condition.plx see the form below:

situation models Cores manufactur Freq. Cache FSB
Default AMD Athlon 5000+ 2 45nm 2.2Ghz 1MB 1600Mhz
Unlock AMD fx5000 4 45nm 2.2Ghz 8MB(4x512kb L2+6MB L3) 1600Mhz
Default Intel Q8200 4 45nm 2.33Ghz 4MB 1333Mhz

we can see the other 6MB cahe L3 after unlock has been found out.

benchmark of WINRAR reach 2400KB/s!!(freq. 3.3G and just ddr800 ram)

is it stable or not ?some netizens said that:it's still stable till now.and follow is the sp2004 burn my pc

3D performace with HD 4850

It depends ,all of AMD family is better than Intel in the benchmark of winrar.Q8200 is able to reach 1750KB/s at 3.0G.Core i5 2.66G reach 2300KB/s.
Conclution:anyway,it's a easier way to get more performance than overclock for the consumers who know just a little about difficult for setting Bios.just enable ACC function which built in bios .Some people think that a extreme valuable way of DIY.
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  1. Please don't look such a cheap CPU as nothing .It's with great potential.
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    should I close the CPU fuction named cool and quiet to make my title heater.
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