Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - PULL vs PUSH - conflict with RAM

Just ordered parts for a complete new build. My Corsair Vengeance RAM is too tall.. it collides with the Hyper 212 EVO hsf if I use the fan in a push configuration. Without modifying the RAM, the best solution I can think of is to mount the fan on the other side of the heatsink for a pull configuration. Does anyone have experience with this cooler using a pull configuration? Does it work as well as push or at least good enough? If not what other options do I have? Perhaps putting a different heat spreader on the RAM stick in the first slot?

Thanks for the help
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    It will probably cool even better backside mounted as a pull solution, simply because the fan motor housing will not be partially blocking the airflow through the fins.

    There is a dead air space in front of the fan motor housing on every standard cooling fan on the market and Cooler Masters fan body is large, blocking over 45mm of center airflow space.

    It should cool even better being backside mounted!
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