How to determine what type of PCI slot I have?

I am looking at purchasing a Turtle Beach Montego 7.1 sound card. It says that it is PCI 2.2. I have a Asus P$P800 Deluxe motherboard. What type of pci slots do I have? Can I use this sound card?

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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Toms' hardware forum.

    If you look your mobo, next to every PCI slot, says what type of PCI is it. Or you can refer to your mobo manual to know the PCI type that your mobo have.
  2. Thanks saint19. I could not find my manual at the time but have since located it!! It's a 2.3...

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. You can download the manual of your mobo from HERE
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  5. I found my answer-thanks everyone who replied!
  6. onlyone person replied... and thx to you saint19 now i know that i have x16 slot :D
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