What impact would a game made in directX11 have to a DX 10 card

hello, iv been thinking bout the different graphics cards commin out and new games on the horizon and i am wonder, if you have a graphics card that is built on direct x 10 but later down the road play video games that are direct x 11, how much of a performance hit will you have with a DX 10 card, playing 11 as opposed to having a DX 11 card, playing a DX 11 game.

iv been thinking of upgrading, but am not sure if i should just wait till january then the DX 11 cards will be cheaper or if i should just get a decent dx 10 card like a radeon 4870 .

thing that i dont want to happen since i dont do upgrades to often is i dont want to get a 4870 card and then dx 11 games come out and the new card i get not be able to play them very well 6months down the road. but on the other hand, im playing this new game champions online and love it but my frames kinda suck and i wish i had a faster graphics card.

so i figured i should prolly research this all i can, but i dont have much experience with how much performance hit a card might take, trying to play a newer generation game with a higher version of irect x , like dx 11

my system scepcs are. core i7 920@3.6ghz
Gigabyte Ex-58-DS4
6gb memory
PNY 9800gtx
i know my graphics card may be a close match but i just want to find some information on the whole dx11 thing and what a difference it would make. or how much it impact a generation old card.
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  1. we have no idea what the performance difference between them will be as there are currently no DX11 games available to test with yet, however even when DX11 games are common they will still support DX10 and DX10 GPUs will still get good frame rates on them, the DX11 GPUs will just get a boost out of supporting DX11 and being able to utilize it, older cards will be physically unable to run games in DX11 mode but there will be a DX10 option for a few years yet.
  2. hunter315 said:
    we have no idea what the performance difference between them will be as there are currently no DX11 games available to test with yet.

    agreed with that.


    you can wait until real dx11 games comes out and then make your decision. :)
  3. So do you have a budget in mind and what size/resolution screen do you use ? Also you need to take into account your power supply as the top end DX11 cards need a decent PSU to run.
    If you are talking about resolutions up to around 1680 x1050 then it may be worth your while checking out the 5770, its meant to release tomorrow, http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=3036&cid=3&pg=1
    If you are using 1680x1050 or higher and want maximum detail and quality settings then i would consider the 5850 as the best option.

  4. my psu is the coolermaster real power pro 650w. and yes the 5850 looks alswome but a bit pricey right now. i know the card is alswome i read all about it. also i saw the new 5770 wich looks even better considering my budget. however i dont like the fact that the memory bandwidth is so low, since in the next 12months i will prolly get a new monitor 1900x1200 , possabl even higher resolution then that if there affordable almost a year from now. so when thinking baout the graphcis card well im not sure a 5770 would cut it with its memory bandwidth. right now my monitor that i have is a 24" w, 1680x1050.

    all this factors into why i wonderin wat a difference a dx 10 card will have playing dx11 games as opposed to having a dx11 card. i suppoose since there is no games out the only thing i can think of is, looking at past history possably? wich im limited in as well.

    does anyone know off hand what the first couple dx 10 games where, and what the first dx10 hardware was, i can maybe look at old graphs and maybe get a fair idea of the difference, and just look at that vs dx9 ?
  5. DX10 was very different from DX9, there will not be such a large paradigm shift necessary in hardware support. Early games also tend not to be the best representation of what the new DX version can do as they tend not to have optimized it yet. Wait for the reviews to start coming out, your 9800GTX should hold out long enough to let the prices start dropping, there should be some good deals on black friday assuming they can keep them stocked.
  6. In the short term it really shouldn't make a difference, if you are looking to buy a card that you will replace in say a year then just go with a DX10 one if it suites your needs now. DX11 is a strict super set of DX10 which in layman's terms means DX11 is DX10 but with some added features. Because its a part or the same set as it were you will actually get some of the benefits of DX11 improvements on a DX10 card but obviously not the DX11 exclusive things. Things such as multi threading will carry over. As has been said all that will happen is that the DX10 card will render in DX10 not DX11 and that's when DX11 games turn up. Same a Crysis rendered in DX9 on XP and gave the option of DX 9 or DX10 under Vista.
    So for the short term a DX10 card will be fine. You are correct to worry about the 128 bit bus on the 5770 so realistically your only option if you cant stretch to a 5850 is a DX10 card like the 4870.

  7. ok thanks, well hmm, yea this new game i like, does not support sli, officialy. but said it has been done according to the devs (champions online) so that be research of it's own, but i was also considering getting a second 9800gtx off ebay or somthin, wich would save even more money if i was able to get one for 60bucks or so. otherwise id buy a new card and sell the 9800gtx and in essence recoup half of the new card :) thats why i was thinkin about a 150price bracket. but this is all assuming that the new game i play could even run sli. guess i will research that a bit further.

    anywho thanks for the info
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