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I now have Win 7 running on a new SSD. Is there anyway to move (in bulk) my programs from my HDD to the new SSD? Want to leave docs, music, etc., on old HHD but move all pgrograms (Office, Malwarebytes, photosoftware, etc.) to the new SSD. Thanks for your help/ Hoping I do not have to reload them 1 at a time.
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  1. If you bought a retailed SSD, there should be a disc somewhere. You should be able to use that disc to make a copy of your HDD and transfer it to your SSD. If you purchased oem, you will have to access the company's website and download it. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi there, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    If I understand your question correctly, you have Win-7 running on a new computer on an SSD. Your old programs and data is on an 'old' PC, and you want to move them (of just the programs) to the Win-7 'new' PC.

    You are much better off reinstalling your programs on the 'new' computer, since the location of files, 32bit vs 64bit, registry entries, etc. are different. If it's less than 10 programs, should be done this way. Also MS's recommendation. It's going to take less time just reinstalling a few programs than trying to move them and all their registry settings, program settings, user config settings, and dealing with incorrect transfer later.

    You can move files and settings, favorites, desktop, contacts, over to the 'new' computer in proper location using the built in Easy Transfer Wizard. You can choose specifically what to move over, and what to leave on the old computer. Can be done by flashdrive, easy transfer usb cable, DVD, or network cable.

    Laplink says they can move both programs and data over with their one use program $59 called PCMover. Here's the link.

    Chances are everything won't get moved as precisely as when you just install the few programs directly.

    But, those are the 3 choices (reinstall, easy transfer, 3rd party application one time use)
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