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Hello! I was just wondering if someone could confirm whether or not the 32x Max is compatible with the Q9650. Based on the CPU support list, and what I've managed to find online, I know the board is compatible with the Q9550, which I would assume makes it compatible with the Q9650. However, before diving into the purchase I was wondering if anyone with this particular board could confirm the compatibility for me.

Also, if anyone is running a Q9550 on a 32x Max, what kind of overclock (if any) have you been able to achieve? I haven't read any accounts of very successful overclocks (all that I've found don't even break 3.0GHz), which is why I'm leaning towards the more expensive Q9650.

Thank you!
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  1. I take it no one has tried combining a 32x max and a q9650? In that case, has anyone tried overclocking a q6600 on an in9 32x max? I've been scouring the net for days, but all I keep finding are the same responses: 680i doesn't like quads, 32x Max could be an exception because it's a reference board, but no real proof of quad-core overclockability.

    I'm looking to upgrade from an e4300, and I figured the best thing to shoot for was a quad, seeing as I'm hoping to make my system last another 2 years or so. I'd like to make the biggest upgrade possible and really push the limits of my board, which led me to believe I should go with a q9550 or q9650. However, from what I'm reading these barely overclock on my board, if at all, but I'd like to know for sure. Same thing with the q6600. If someone can confirm that the yorkfield quads don't run well on my board, but that the older 65nm q6600 does, I'll go with the q6600 because I'll be able to get better performance out of it. However, if neither work well, maybe I'll just end up getting another dual core...
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