Can one create an image from RAID 5 HDD configuration in a 4 bay NAS


i am trying to install new 2003 server os with raid 5. it's a new server. i just install win2003 server os. after that i restart it i went bios i enable the sata raid and i created the volume also(raid 5). when i restart it should log in win2003 server os. but isn't. blue screen come it's start to keep restarting. if i disable the sata raid from bios it's login properly. so please give me a good solution for this issue. and i tried from intel storage matrix software also isn't show the HDD.

Server Details:

NAS 4 bay server
intel raid chipset

board details:

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  1. Two solutions, depending on what you are describing (wasn't quite clear to me).

    If you install the OS with the drive controller set (in BIOS) to any mode other than RAID and then change the mode to RAID yes, it will fail to boot. The easiest way is to do the install with the controllers set to RAID mode even if you haven't built the RAID volume yet. Let's see - 2003 server is closest to XP, so you may need to provide the RAID /AHCI drivers on a thumbdrive or floppy using F6 during installation.

    If you mean that you have installed the OS and then build a RAID volume that includes the OS volume, don't do that. Period.

    Edit: I looked at the subject again. Just to be sure, you are installing this OS on the NAS device itself, yes? Did it come with it's own software/os, or is this a homebuild?
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