How to reinstall <windows root>system32ntoskrnl.exe for dummies

how can i install without the disc
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  1. Download your specific service pack version from internet, search with Exact Words and type the filename only. If you have another PC with same service pack, copy it from there.
    Dummies should not go around fudging with system files... :-)
  2. Your installation may be more damaged than having a single file missing; this is actually more likely than having one file deleted. You might try
    1) Back up your system drive.
    2) Boot from the installation media and do a Repair Install.

    Let us know how it goes.
  3. She said she does not have the disc. You maybe right on the damage being more extensive, I am going with the given info.
  4. Cyberat_88

    You are correct as to what the OP said. However, my point is that in most cases where that message is received the damage is more extensive and the disc will be needed. Since the installation is (presumed to be) licensed, the OP could borrow a disc.

    OP: If this is Windows 7, you may be able to boot into a Repair Installation from the hidden 100MB partition. Press F8 when the picture of a window comes up and, if that works, choose a repair (or whatever it is, I don't have a Win7 machine handy to test and copy the text).

    (Showing my ignorance, since I don't know if win7 has that file.)
  5. You could also install Console Repair in XP, but it must be done with the disc too.
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