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i actually have one of the school computers, that they have issued now for year 9 kids, i can connect to my internet at home but it requires a network security key, i tried typing in my wirless pin but its not working, it syas security key mis match
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  1. The wireless security key may be viewed or renewed in the setup screens of your wireless router which you will reach via a connection with an ethernet cable. For how, have a look at the literature which came with the router -- or download the manual from the manufacturer's website.

    If you think you already know the key, the issue may be the security protocol. Make sure these match.

    If using WEP, always copy and paste the HEX version of the passphrase between the router and adapter rather than use the alphanumeric version.

    Once you gain entry to the router setup screens temporarily turn off wireless security and again try connecting by wireless -- that way you'll be sure it's only a security issue.
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