Where is mobo plug visual

My COmpaq Presario won't boot up and a green light is flashing in back - presume power supply. Suggestions? Not sure where the Mobo is and confised on the internal cabling
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  1. Read your manual or Google your model number for a manual. The green light is most likely an error code saying what is defective. This will help determine your issue.

    The MOBO is what everything is plugged into at bottom of the case (when on it's side). Your manual will help with the wiring or post a picture and I'm sure we can point out what is what to a degree.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I was getting a bit confused with the different wiring suggestions. I don't want to screw anything up being that I do not have the recent data backed up. I will research manual as you suggested. I just though a blinking green light and no power/boot-up meant replace power supply or re-cable something to boot it up.
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