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I've just purchased a Gigabyte H55M-UD2H and I was wondering if I install an ATI HD4770 in the primary true x16 slot and a Xonar DX audio card on the secondary x16 slot (which actually has x4 contacts) will my video card slot still run at true x16 2.0 bus speed or will it be cut down to just x8?
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  1. With a HD4770, x8 or x16 makes no difference at all.
  2. I know but I plan to upgrade to an HD5850 in the near future so it would be really useful if I knew what speed the pciex port would work at with the Xonar DX connected.
  3. It still doesn't make much of a difference with an HD5850. According to the specs, the first slot always runs at x16, but the second one runs at a maximum of x4 (making it sort of useless for a Crossfire configuration).
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