Problem when i try to overclock my q8200

hey guys

i have core 2 quad q8200 2.33

and m.b Gigabyte : g31m s2c ram:800mhz

when itry to overclock i use

CPU Clock Ratio =7
CPU Host Clock Control = Enable
CPU Host Frequency = 340
Memory System Multiplier =1.6
CPU Voltage =1.28v
PCI Express Frequency =100

Performance Enhance = Standard
Advanced Bios Features
CPU EIST Function=Disabled
PC Health Status
CPU Smart Fan Control=Disabled

so when i click F10 to save the pc restart and run again

then the its freeze on this screen

or in the second screen ( so i was need to to remove motherboard battery
And installed it again to get the default bios and the pc run again )

i try this option up the vcore to 1.30-132

update the bios to the last update

F6e 2009/06/01 1.Beta bios

and same problem happens when try to overclock

plz help me what to do to fix this problem to overclock my cpu
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  1. drop ratio ram to 1:1
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