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geforce gts250 WINDOWS 7
is that I have a problem with my card, unfortunately I see no reaction and never heard the fan speed up as I am concerned that the nvidia driver suite is working properly. in the past with my other card with ati catalyst video card install, but without a framework, the fan did not work properly in this case I have no idea. There is some program like ati tray tool to monitor or nvidia or some software?
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  1. OK....First let's look at what you're asking....
    First off..the GTS250 is a very quiet card as I have the BFG GTS250 oc...and it is very quiet...I think my cpu/case fans are louder..lol
    A very easy way to check the fan operation is to look at the fan when powering up....
    But please feel free to give more details if I didn't help yet!

  2. the problem is i no see movement in the fan speeed i am monitoring them and the fan no pass 900 RPM
    for that reason i am scare from the live of my card , i need and later i do a test game in windows mode
  3. What temperature is it running at?
    If the card is in auto mode it will only spinn faster when the temperature rises....
  4. ide GPU DIODE 45 C ub operayion flashpoint with alll gpu diode 61 C i need to test with other game to chek
  5. 61C is quite cool for a graphics card.

    Load up a game and see if the RPM rises.
  6. You may also install gpu-z and it will give you all the info you need. I use gpu-z for ati cards and eVGA Precision Tool for nvidia cards.
  7. I have a MSI GTS250 OC'd to 800mhz. Naturally I'd think the fan would rev up faster as i play games. At lower speeds, you simply cannot hear the fan, once the fan starts operating at 50-60% speed, you'll start to hear it. Depending on how efficient your heatsink is on the card itself, the card may not be hitting temps to require additional support from the fan at higher speeds.

    One option is to use Rivatuner and manually set your fan speed, set it up high enough to where you can hear it, that way you can tell what it sounds like when its really workin' it.

    Best of luck!
  8. i know the soudn of fan i disconect the 8 pin conector and without power the FAN GO TO 100% speed hehe NVIDIA AND ATI DO THE SAME
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