PC Freezing After Overclocking Cpu Or Ram

Hi all

Don't know where to begin on this matter and i will try to explain this as best as i can. Basically everytime i overclock the ram or cpu the system becomes unstable and freezes. If i oc the ram which i have done now, @1066mhz and leave the cpu at stock settings the system runs ok but if i oc the cpu along with the oc ram the system will end up freezing. Even if it's a slight oc. If i oc the cpu but leave the ram at stock settings the system runs fine. Now this is the weird bit, i can still boot into windows if the ram and cpu are oc'd but if i run apps, games or leave the system on overnight it will end up freezing making a funny sound.

Right now i have the cpu @3.50ghz and the cpu voltage @1.31875v and it's running ok for now but believe me it will just end up freezing again after a while. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here. Myabe you guys know.
Any info would be a great help!

Current Bios Settings:

CPU Ratio (10.5)

FSB Strap To North Bridge (Auto)

DRAM Frequency (1066mhz)

DRAM Timing Control (Auto)

DRAM Statice Read Control (Auto)

DRAM Read Training (Auto)

MEM. OC Charger (Auto)

Ai Clock Twister (Auto)

Ai Transaction Booster (Auto)

CPU Voltage (1.31875)

CPU GTL Reference (Auto)

CPU PLL Voltage (Auto)

FSB Termination Voltage (Auto)

DRAM Voltage (2.02v)

NB Voltage (Auto)

SB Voltage (Auto)

PCIE SATA Voltage (Auto)

Load-Line Calibration (Auto)

CPU Spread Spectrum (Auto)

PCIE Spread Spectrum (Auto)

CPU Clock Skew (Auto)

NB Clock Skew (Auto)

CPU Margin Enhancement (Auto)

My specs:

Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro Turbo
CPU: QX9650
Ram: Kingston HyperX DDR2 800mhz @1066mhz
PSU: Corsair 850HX Professional Series 850W
GPU : GTX 295
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  1. Your memory controller can't keep up. And your FSB voltage needs to be set manually, not left on "auto". Same with your NB voltage. get a good program to monitor all the voltages and temperatures and start upping the voltages. I use Everest (now they're a different name) I had to up my NB voltage to 1.4 and my CPU to 1.35. But I have a different motherboard.
  2. Is there a way i adjust my memory controller? Is that the FSB Termination Voltage? I don't know what voltage to put it on. Same with NB voltage.

    Yes i'm using AIDA64 Extreme Edition but sometimes when i run it the PC freezes.
  3. perfect...I'm running the AIDA64 too. so you need to get your stock voltages for the FSB, CPU and NB from AIDA64. get a tablet and write these down. then what I did was google the motherboard and overclock and read numerous forums on people who have that motherboard and what voltages they are using. use Core Temp or something to monitor CPU temps...you can use AIDA64, but I use Core Temp too. then I start tweeking the voltage and run tests of different overclocks. when you think you're stable run "intel burn test" it will seriously heat up your CPU and memory controller...so have good cooling.
  4. Ok thanks :) i will do that.

    Yes i have good cooling.
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