Where to get GA-P55A-UD7

Are the GA-P55A-UD7 actually on sale. I have searched for hours in the US and found nothing.
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  1. Thanks. I can see it at New Egg now as well. It was not there a couple of hours ago. And I just ordered one for $40 more from one obscure and poorly rated source.
  2. Ow.
    At first I thought I thought you meant you ordered one for 40$ *lol*
  3. Quote:
    It was not there a couple of hours ago.

    Whole situation odd - like I said, couldn't find 'em at all on NE by doing the usual: select Computer Hardware>Motherboards>GigaByte>socket 1156 ---> NADA! I usually don't see that except for 'out-of-stock' stuff, and even then - not normal!
  4. I searched on all of the listed resellers/retailers on Gigabyte's "where to buy" pages and the only one I found that listed it was the one I bought it from. None of my Google searches (and there were a lot of them) found any for sale.
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