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It occured to me that in the survey they presented a while back, there
was a lot more stuff, which potentially would belong right at home
with a business EP and in fact are almost intertwined... the category
was called "create goods" and was FAR more fleshed out than any of the
others. It also was the #1 most popular with simply the "run
nightclubs, bars" etc coming in second place. And the Businesslife ad
also says you'll be able to work from home...

Doesn't the following sound an AWFUL lot like what Maxis is now

We can only hope... *drooooool*

Your Sims have new Talents that they develop to make new objects for
use, sale, or as gifts. Dabble for fun and make a little extra cash.
Or become a Master, supporting your family from home and supplying
shops with beautiful and powerful new objects Sims will love.
Customize the objects with your own name, catalog text, and textures.
Then save your recipes to let your Sim easily remake them over and
over again. Sims will know who made an Object and if they like an
object, they can build a relationship with that Sim.

Earn Simoleans for your Sim online When an item your Sim has made is
downloaded by the community, your Sim gets a royalty! Some Sims can
become incredibly wealthy, as well as famous.

Create A Shop You can rent or own a community lot for your Sim or open
up a business in your house. Hire Townies for staff and manage your
own store to bring in cash. Choose what to sell and set the prices.
Decorate your dream shop. Encourage customers to buy with promotions.
Train your staff and expand to several stores! Or let your Sim can
just sit home and let the cash roll in while they manage from a
distance. Pass on businesses from generation to generation!

Unified Time Now when your Sim goes to a Community lot, the clock
stays ticking. This lets your Sim build skills on these Community
Lots, sleep there, and allows disasters to occur anywhere!

Inspiration Your Sim can create and do amazing things when they are
inspired. Inspired Sims can make special objects with powerful
abilities that extend their lives, help them with relationships, and
give then special abilities. Inspire your Sims by showing them
incredible objects, interacting with Master Teachers, meditating, and
other strategies.

Gift Giving Use the new objects your Sims can make to give gifts which
will build relationships and create special memories.

For the first time ever your Sims can open up their own businesses.
Create shops, restaurants, nightclubs, home businesses, and other
ventures. Your Sims can layout their own store to best entice
customers and even hire a staff as the business grows from one shop to
an empire! They can even create their own unique goods to meet the
demands of the market.
Develop your Sims talents to take them from tinkerer to master or
inspire them to create rare customized items which bring in top
dollar. Will they go from rags to riches and retire into a life of
Imagine that in a new Sims expansion pack, your Sims can make objects
for their shops

Advanced painting
Glass Art
Gardening (Flowers and Fruits/Veggies)
Computer programs
New Foods

Supreme Overlord of the Alien Vampire Zombie Ghost Invasion Horde,
your neighbourhood could be next!
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    LOL I want to open up a tattoo parlor. Then a whole string
    of tattoo parlors. I'll be the Starbucks of Pleasantview!!!

  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    On Sun, 11 Sep 2005 13:18:47 GMT, Laura Castellano
    <> wrote:

    >LOL I want to open up a tattoo parlor. Then a whole string
    >of tattoo parlors. I'll be the Starbucks of Pleasantview!!!

    Or startatoos! It would be cool to design them yourself though....

    Supreme Overlord of the Alien Vampire Zombie Ghost Invasion Horde,
    your neighbourhood could be next!
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