Low Sound: Realtek Vista x64 Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898

(Issue) Low Sound (Troubled Component) Sound Card / Realtek High Definition Audio
(System) Toshiba (Family) Satalite (Model) A305-S6898 SE (Part Number) PSAGCU-05601S
(OS) Vista Home premium X64 (processor) Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5800 2.0GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB
(RAM) 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 SDRAM
(Motherboard) Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset w/ Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN (802.11 a/g/n)4

(For a full Detailed Specifications list please referee to the link provide here, Thank you in advance for you help!)

Hey everyone, I am new here to the site & its been along time since I have actually had a problem of my own, that I could not solve on my own. So I could actually be useful on this site & to others. So I am going to try to lend my support to this site for awhile, especially if some one can help me narrow down a fix to this vary annoying problem I seem to have. I have been searching long & hard for a answer to this situation but I could not turn up a answer to fix it. I have spent hours at a clip trying to fix this problem, I have even employed two separate search engines in my quest to finding a fix it. I rarely ever use anything else besides Google for doing my searches but I could not find anything. Matter of fact that is how I found this site is on google. But I did find out that I am not the only person that has had this problem but no one ever posted a answer to. Some who said they found a fix did not post it(I really hate people who that!). Other post for support on this site gets 1 reply & then its ignored or something, so I guess they ether found a fix or just went to sleep idk.... So hopefully that wont happen to my post (lol) But then again they don't bump their threads ether & I do.

One person on here posted that they had a fix but it left me guessing.

"I recently bought a new system for gaming and I haven't gotten new speakers for it yet. So I decided to use my old emachines speakers, but they were ridiculously quiet in Vista even with volume maxed in control panel and the latest drivers from both realtek and the latest default driver. Kept trying to figure out a fix for this problem, and it turns out all you have to do is switch the type of output it is in the realtek audio manager from speaker out to headphone out. It about doubles the volume. Just sharing this experience in case anyone else is having any serious trouble with volume in vista."

Sadly this is not possible with the Realtek's control panel/manager anymore, unless I am not familiar with how he is doing this. But to my knowledge Realtek auto detects that you have plugged in the headphones. Matter of fact it actually automatically notifies me even when I plug them in or unplug them. I have built in Harman/Kardon speakers & with the volume max its loud but it does not get real loud, kinda leaving you wanting more. The same when I plug in my headset, but it is more noticeable. Its basicly a huge difference from windows XP. I had this same exact issue with my desktop computer when I upgraded to vista but it uses a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card. With my desktop how ever I found away to fix it but I have long since went back to using Windows XP due to lag issues in games & I can't at all remember what I did on that computer. Another problem with having this low audio is when I enable my Dolby surround room it makes the low volume even worse. This makes it even worse also because when using Dolby it then becomes noticeable even on my Kardon speakers absolutely ruining movies & thats one of the main things that this laptop is used for e.g A entertainment piece. We love to lay in bed and watch flicks on the laptop because it renders movie great!

I would have considered that most of the time a operating system is suppose to evolve further in the future not backwards. Guess they took notice that processors where getting faster & figured why not slow them back down. Unless some one else has a better idea of why they did this or what benifit this might bring switching to a software system. It will remain my opinion of Microsofts handling on this has been down right stupid. The saying, don't fix what is not broken comes to mind. There was nothing wrong with the the current system in place in windows xp I don't have no idea why they had screw it up.

I looked around for a application that could possibly work as a base/treble amplifier or equalizer to make it louder. I don't want or need a player to do this, because I know there are some that do but this does not benifit me when listening to music online & listening to my tuner but I could use a program that will make everything louder, all programs and games louder! That would make for a easy fix for me if I could get a program that would do this! Anyways thanks for any help in advance I really do appreciate any help you guys can give me really! I am a Web designer & all I have to keep me company most of the time is ether listening to albums on Myspace or listening to the radio on my built in FM player. But even then when I am not working allot of the times I am gaming with my wife or watching movies so sound is allot to me lol.

Again! Thank you all!
Bobby SR
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  1. When I play videos that have a naturally soft volume, I try using VideoLAN's VLC player. They have extra controls that allow you to boost the volume, and even make the picture brighter.
  2. Yea I know of that player, but if there was a program that could prehaps boost the overall sound of vista that would be great! Because the main thing I do is listen to music on Myspace and watch you tube videos.
  3. IIRC, some sound hardware have an option to boost the "base" volume level. See what appears when you select your audio HW in Device Manager and select Properties...
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