Ecc-r am3 motherboard

I am trying to find an am3 motherboard
that can support 16GB (4x4G) of ddr3 1066 ecc buffered memory and a 125 watt
phenom II 9950.
So far, I have not found any such motherboards, but I have found a lot of them that do not say whether they
support buffered memory or not.
Their specifications don't even list the information. Does that mean there is none?
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  1. Buffered and registered are often used interchangeably. I don't believe you will find support for registered memory on non-server boards.

    I could be wrong and there may be a non-server board out there that supports it, but it will probably be hard to find.
  2. I'm sure I've seen a few boards that say 'ecc optional' - Is that what you want?
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