Need help choosing between these two cards....

Which card would you get of these two. [...] 6814102826

or [...] 6814130478

I want answers based on the card's and their performance. Not just because it's ATI or Nvidia. I'm an Nvidia guy myself, but Im building a comp. for someone else and they have no preference... So which will be the better card of the two for gaming.
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  1. :S 404 Error :S
    Please specify what the cards are
  2. Copy and paste a direct link from the page of the specific items. We cant see your wish list...
  3. Your links are broken, are these the cards were you intending to link to?

    I would definitely go for the GTX275 out of that pair, the extra GB of VRAM on the 4870 wont help you at all.,2428.html

    However, i really wouldnt pick either of them right now, for the price of the GTX275 you can get a 5850 which will be stronger and use less power
    and in a couple hours we may find out if the 5770 performs similarly to a 4890 for less, but we will see, its going to be a fun month for graphics, the lower end ones will be coming out from now on but a 5770 may end up fitting the bill perfectly.

    What resolution will they be running at?
  4. Yes those are the cards! And I apologize for messing the links up! :(

    How new is this card, it has 0 reviews!! It will be played on a 24" monitor.

    Thanks for posting that. Looks great for the price.. just gotta get a ASUS P7P55D mobo now instead of the EVGA one so I can crossfire in the future.
  5. 3 weeks old and it has a hell of a time staying in stock. Here is a review of the 5850 that actually counts,2433.html
  6. Im going to be using a i7 860cpu.... and to start with and possibly keep for a year or so, it'll stay a single card config... but Im going to keep my options open to Xfire if I go with a ATI card, just like I would with SLI
  7. to sum that post up in a few sentences, or even 1 paragraph? lol ;p

    So, you're telling me, the i7 860 is no good for gaming..........? that I should go AMD?

  8. The i7 860 is more then enough for gaming esp if you SLI/Crossfire.

    He's suggesting that you consider a 5850 for the gpu; taken into account that it's just a hair off of what you were going to spend on your gpu and it a ways more capable and compatible with future games. I would also suggest that.
  9. I can go along with that, I just woke up and was about to give you advice against "upgrading" and then remembered you were building for someone else, lol.

    It pays to reread some posts after taking nyquil and going to bed...
  10. Im debating between the 5770 and the 5850. Specs arent much different and it's $100 cheaper... could also Xfire faster, due to the $ I'd save and two 5770's would be BEAST
  11. wow guyz sorry got my account cut by some power abusing mod for no reason so all my comments disapeared but yeah, your better off getting that HD5850 right now.

    a single card is the power of a HD 4870.
    Now if you dual, you reach (crysis) and even rape a single HD5850 but the advantage is not noticable. the card is 150 while HD5850 is 250. Your really better going with a single HD5850 solution.
    Q1 2010, nvidia will release "FailMI" and hopefully wel see a good price drop, good enough to let you get another HD5850 and get the most out of your computer. or you can do this same tactic with a HD5770 if your low on money.

    I myself am in a special position because Im getting the HD5770 for free >:) so ima get another one myself and get HD5850 like performance for (hold your breath) 180$ CAD. >:) Im eviiiil.

    It's up to you, if you can survive with a HD4870 like GPU until XMAS, then I say go for it!!!! >:D if you want neat performance and you have a few bucks saved, go HD5850 FTW.
  12. I say 5850, there's no point in getting anything else.
  13. If I go with ATI...... won't I be missing out on PhysX, if we play a game that uses it???
  14. Ah, PhysX is a joke, really. All it is .. just floating papers and flags look more real when waving in the wind .. crap like that. It's a useless technology. Probably won't even exist for too much longer IMHO.
  15. Certainly not enough of a reason to go Nvidia when the 5800 and 5700 cards are out and such bargains.
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