I'm upgrading my system Dual 3.0ghz NOCONA Xeon 604-pin to a i7 930.
Tyan i7525 S2676 MOBO to a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UDR3 MOBO.
As you all can see they are very different.
Still waiting for new parts to arrive
I'm currently running Vista 32bit.
I know it won't boot up for sure but I want the fastest way to get back on track without REINSTALLING WINDOWS.

1. Booting into safe mode to install new drivers probably wont work
2. Vista repair startup probably wont help at all
3. Use Vista recovery CD and install new mobo drivers?(saw this on another forum but anyone tried this?)

Does anyone know a way? :bounce:

Please let me know what you all think ASAP.

PS: Reinstalling windows is not an option :D
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    I would not recommend not reinstalling Windows after such a major upgrade. But, it sounds like you have some ideas to try, so I guess it's worth a shot. Just don't be surprised if it goes poorly or rough.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Easy answer: Don't upgrade your PC if you don't want reinstall windows.

    So, the only option is the options that you don't want. Reinstall windows, because the drivers of your old rig are different of the new rig and components (mobo)
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