XP & Vista networking issue

I need help with my Network I cant get my xp Computer to talk to my Vista Computer. I have them set to the same work group but they don't show up in each others Network Places. Vista shows both computers in its Network Map

vista computer--------------- switch ------- modem
xp computer--------

They both can use the internet but they wont talk to each other please help someone.
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  1. Your graph is kind of confusing. I know this is just general networking, but who is your ISP, and is that modem behind a NAT router? Is the XP computer also connected to the switch? In my home I have 4 computers with OS's ranging from XP to vista to windows 7 RC and windows 7 final release, but they always see eachother on the network.
  2. That was exactly what vista showed for a network map. This is how it is set up

    Vista Computer
    Netgear 10/100 switch---Wild Blue Satellite Modem
    XP Computer

    The XP and Vista Computer are both connected to the switch and they both can connect to the internet every thing out side of the Computers is set up correctly but something is not set right on the Computers.
  3. sorry im new to this site i did not know it moved some of my lines
    on the first graph in the second line that "l" should be at the end of the dashes next to xp

    vista com-------------------- switch-----------modem
    (it removed this space) l
    xp com---------------------

    and on the second graph it did it to

    vista com
    netgear switch-------- wild blue modem
    xp com
    (>= space)
  4. come on people don't just read it, post comments. i need to have this figured out soon
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